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Ever stream music only to hear it skip like you’re strutting about with an old-school CD player in tow?
So much for technology, right?

In continuing to evolve properly within the digital world, the Revolution uses the latest, cutting-edge Bluetooth 4.1 wireless technology to provide you with a seamless,
lag-free listening experience.

25 feet Today's Bluetooth
Wireless Range
65+ feet Revolution Bluetooth
Wireless Range

Most Bluetooth devices cut off at 25 feet,
we keep you going well into 65 feet of wireless range.

Bluetooth 4.1 builds on an already superb standard by providing remarkable co-existence with LTE devices to ensure optimal wireless range with zero interference. Whether you want to connect to your PC or favorite portable device, the Revolution is ready to roll sans latency and other interference from nearby digital transmissions while pushing the envelope on wireless range.

There is No Problem

The most advanced audio processing technology on the market to enable a harmonious experience.

The Revolution Bluetooth headphones push the envelope on the possibilities of great-sounding wireless audio. Using the same technology of Hollywood production houses, you’ll think there’s a DTS® enabled theater right there with you. Thanks to its aptX® audio processing engine, you’ll experience CD-quality sound (and for all the vinyl-heads out there, yeah, CD-quality sound is much more clean, crisp and clear).

Making calls with the Revolution’s integrated stereo microphone is an added bonus. Featuring cVc® (Clear Voice Capture) and bi-directional echo noise-reduction technology, you’ll never have to excuse yourself due to unwanted noise and interference. Make your calls at the push of a button without losing a stride.

  • CSR
  • aptX - CSR
  • cVc - CSR

Game On!

The Revolution’s low-latency transmission
path enables much more than music.

Whether on Skype™ or Teamspeak, avid gamers can communicate with their comrades in HD Voice - the latest versions of HFP 1.6, A2DP 1.2 and AVRCP ensure lag-free, no matter your rig.

Movie junkies, too, can stream their videos wirelessly without lip sync delay - all due to an industry leading low-latency transmission codec. Enjoy all your content the way it is meant to be experienced - wirelessly with no lag.

  • 45ms Latency
  • HD Voice
  • 12 hours
  • 120 hours

The Music
Never Stopped

12 Hours. Nonstop.

With the Revolution, no stone was left unturned. If we’re going to give you killer wireless sound, we’d better bring a battery to back it up, right? With uncompromising battery technology, your Bluetooth cans will give you more than 12 hours of continuous playback.

The built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery is fast on the uptake, too - it can go from empty to full in a little over 2 hours and provide standby time of over 120 hours.

Perfect fit with iOS

For those with iOS devices, you can see how much juice you’re rocking via your iPhone or iPad with a real-time battery meter.

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