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Exceptional wireless audio
designed for the athlete in you.

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Incredible Wireless Sound

The 66 Audio BTS delivers style, performance and remarkable sound reproduction.

Custom tuned drivers and a powerful audio codec developed by leaders CSR enables your music to sound better than ever before while an impressive Bluetooth wireless range and remarkable battery life keep you going nonstop!

Breakthrough Technology

Bluetooth 4.0 technology on-board
that delivers an unparalleled wireless audio experience.

With significant improvements in sound, range and battery life over legacy Bluetooth products, the BTS with Bluetooth 4.0 featuring CSR aptX® audio technology is giant leap forward in wireless sound.

Whether you're streaming music or watching videos, powerful technology enables incredibly low latency and high bandwidth output capable of 16-bit, 44.1kHz (CD-quality) sound with data rates up to 352kbps for incredible sound reproduction.

For iOS devices, an on-board battery meter displays power in real-time so you never run out of juice.

Engineered for Performance

Designed and built for active users who demand the best in wireless sports headphone technology

Advanced material design stands up to the toughest workouts, while remaining lightweight and compact. Whether running, cycling, at the gym or simply enjoying music wirelessly for hours on end, the BTS Sport is built for athletes like you.

Sweat resistant design guarantees your workouts remain uninterrupted while being comfortable during long and rigorous exercise.

Multipoint Technology

Connect with Two Bluetooth Devices
Simultaneously using Multipoint Technology

Multipoint is a brand new wireless technology that allows your BTS to be connected with two Bluetooth devices at the same time.

When a call comes in, the BTS intelligently knows which device is ringing and will connect to that device automatically. Simply tap the MFC button to accept or reject the call. When the call is over, the BTS will effortlessly revert back to the original audio source and resume playing your music!

No Hands? No Problem

Voice calls have never been crisper

We’ve integrated a cutting-edge omnidirectional microphone with patented Clear Voice Capture (cVc®) technology for optimal clarity and echo noise cancellation while on a voice call.

cVc® is a suite of complex software algorithms that work on the transmit and receive paths of voice calls to deliver crisp, clear audio for natural voice reproduction while actively cancelling out ambient noise, including wind.

At the gym. Running outside. Cycling through the city. Speak freely knowing the technology is working for you.

Control Your World

Skip, Play, Pause, Volume, Take Calls. It's all on-board.

Whether you’re lifting weights, running through the park or training for a triathlon, we know your hands are tied up so we designed a seamless hands-free wireless music experience.

Intuitive controls on-board give you the power to skip tracks, play and pause your tunes, take and reject calls and even initiate voice controls from certain apps. Life just got easier so you can focus on what you do best.

  • Skip
  • Play/Pause Music
    Answer/Reject Calls
    Hold to pair Headset
  • Adjust

Extreme Battery Life

We're not kidding when we say extreme!

400h Standby Time

25h Continous Music Playback

Extreme Battery Life

We're not kidding when we say extreme!

We've packed an advanced rechargeable lithium polymer cell into the BTS for remarkable battery life so that you don't have to worry about charging your headphones all the time. Over 25 hours of continuous playback keep you going nonstop.

By optimizing the power circuit and using only the best components available today, you'll always be up and running rarely having the need to re-charge. And when you do, the included Micro-USB cable will get you back to full power in less than three hours!

Satisfied Customers

Read what our customers have to say about the legendary BTS Sport.

  • Look no further

    For those of you looking for quality, durable bluetooth headsets that will not only last a long time, but be user friendly and and have quality sound, look no further. These are your best bet on the market. I've tried a few of the cheaper discount brands and they always break. These have lasted me quite some time and I don't see them breaking down anytime soon.

    By Henry Murphy , Verified Purchase
  • Best bluetooth sport head phones.

    If your in the market for some bluetooth sport head phones look no further, these are ones you want. These are the best sport ear phones I've owned. The issues with me a ear phones are that I sweat a lot when running which makes it such a pain to fine good quality ear phones for running because either the buds always fall out or they are not comfortable. I have to have music on while run and it has to drown out the sound of my steps and heavy breathing or I'll get tired and bored. These ear phones have GREAT SOUND, are very light weight, and stay on my ears.

    By Melissa Hale , Verified Purchase

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