Our Story

We started our journey back in 2013. A few friends constantly on the move, a couple of wild ideas and a world filled with tragically uninspiring headphones.

We asked ourselves why. Why was every wireless headphone so awful? Why didn't anything work right? While the answer wasn't obvious, the solution was.
We simply had to make our own.

We Had to Invent

BTS Sport launched one year later to great acclaim. A wireless headphone built for users on the go who demand excellent sound, battery life and wireless range. A headphone you could take anywhere, be excited to use and not break the bank.

We were onto something. But we never became complacent - we had to keep pushing. We knew Sport was just the beginning. We had to make it even better. We had to invent.

We sat down and got to work. MotionControl, BTS Pro, and PRO Voice became realities thanks in part to you, our customers and a remarkable team of pioneers that have no intention of letting up anytime soon.

Obsessed with YOU.
Our Customers.

Since day one, we've always been obsessed with you - our customers. Trust is earned and we work hard for it. You are what drives us to be better, to push the boundaries and to deliver on promise.

A shiny box can only take you so far. It’s what's inside that counts. It’s this experience that stays with you after you become a part of our family.

This is who we are: we are an extension of your desire to seek greatness, push yourselves to the max and never become complacent.

Be Unstoppable.

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We want to bring our high quality products to as many people as possible. We belive that our headphones are the only ones you should be wearing.

We are dedicated to our fans and know every network matters, not just the ones that have the most people, but the ones that actually make an impact together.

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