A New Era of Wireless Sound


Seductive Design

Oh, What a Feeling

Lightweight, stylish and ergonomic, the BTS Pro Wireless Headphones are designed to help you achieve your personal best. Whether you’re running, cycling, skating, boarding or lifting, they’re always there, always on and always sending unmatched wireless sound to the places that help push your ambitions to the next level.

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Sleeken your Senses

All-New HD Stereo Drivers for even bigger sound. Anodized black metallic finishes that scream luxury. Optimized wireless performance and entirely new firmware to keep you going from the morning until the next morning. Introducing the new Limited Edition BTS Pro STEALTH.

125+ Feet Wireless Range 125+ Feet
Wireless Range
40+ Hours Playback 40+ Hours
MotionControl iOS & Android Apps MotionControl
iOS & Android Apps
Sound Engine DSP AAC

Innovative Technology

Welcome to the Limit

40+ Hour
Continous Playback
100+ Feet
Wireless Range
Bluetooth 4.2
Wireless Technology
Sweatproof, Lightweight Sport Design
iOS Smart App
Memory Foam

The BTS Pro Wireless Headphones go where no Bluetooth headphones have gone before. Loaded with Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology, you’ll experience superior lag-free performance with the freedom to step, sprint or saunter 100-plus feet away from your device. And with their sweat-proof design coupled with 40-plus hours of continuous playback, the BTS are built to keep up with even your toughest workouts.

35ft Today's Bluetooth
Wireless Range
100ft BTS Pro
Wireless Range

Unmatched Wireless Range

Freedom to Roam

While most Bluetooth headphones will cut you off at around 35 feet, groundbreaking engineering has led us to push the envelope further than ever before. Efficient, technically remarkable and patented 3D antenna technology propels the BTS Pro well into 100 feet of wireless range - unheard of in Bluetooth wireless - until now.

100ft Improved
Wireless Range
3D 3D Antena
4.2 Bluetooth 4.2

Totally Compatible

Made for Your Digital World

You may have a handful of devices, but you only need one pair of killer headphones to help get you through the day. The BTS Pro Wireless Headphones work with practically any audio device that sports Bluetooth, whether it’s running iOS, Android, OSX, Windows or Linux - we’ve got you covered.

Compatible with nearly
all Bluetooth Devices

Music is Our Muse

The BTS Pro looks great. And they perform great. But what about the sound? Incredible. We were able to precision-engineer distinct 36mm high-density drivers into this small package. With them, you’re moving and shaking to high-quality studio-grade sound, wherever the music takes you.

And our 66 Sound Engine compliments the hardware experience with unparalleled and personal sound.

Hardware Based EQ
Tuned Drivers

66 Sound Engine

Hear What You’ve
Been Missing

Our 66 Sound Engine is beyond impressive. Really, it’s a beast. Its meticulously tuned EQ delivers a full frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz—that’s as low and high as the human ear can hear. Using advanced pre-equalization, the BTS Pro filters and optimizes your audio to avoid peak saturation and distortion. Crisp highs, perfect mids and thunderous bass. It’s your music, how you expect to hear it.

aptX Low Latency CSR technology

Your Music, Your Sound

New to the BTS Pro is a free downloadable iOS app that gives you total freedom to perfect your audio. It’s an equalizer, but unlike any you’ve ever experienced. Instead of working to adjust the music or software, MotionControl works directly with the headphones in way similar to how you’d dial in home-audio EQ. And with it’s unrivaled "Find My Headphones" feature, you’ll never workout sans music again.

iOS & Watch
Native Apps
Real Time
Battery Status
Find My Headphones Patent Pending

Lightweight. Durable. Fierce.

Let’s Groove

Made with lightweight, advanced flexible silicone, the BTS Pro are not meek when it comes to sport. Ready to move when you move, they’re as durable as much as they are comfortable, designed to be tossed into your gym bag without ever showing fatigue.

Soft Touch
Silicon Material
Cutting Edge
Flexible Plastics
48% Size Reduction

Built to Perform

An incredible amount of refinement and precision went into designing the latest generation BTS Pro. A dramatic 48% size reduction was made possible thanks in part to advanced component engineering and an incredibly precise manufacturing process. While lightweight and durable materials combine to create a harmonious and compelling experience

83g Overall weight
4axis Adjustable
Compared to the previous generation BTS Sport Headphones.

Form Meets Function

The Beauty is
in the Details

The BTS Pro Wireless Headphones look as great as they sound. Satin-finished aluminum keeps them feeling elegant and pristine while a soft-touch rubberized shell gives them a tactile feel. Meanwhile, soft-click playback controls allow you change the volume or track and answer a call without added pressure.

Satin Finished
Soft Click

Step Up Your Game

Get the

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High-Speed Charging

One Port to
Rule Them All

As the new standard in excellence, USB Type-C combines the speed of Type-A with the size of Micro-USB. And being reversible, it means less fumbling.

USB Type-C

Extended Battery Life

The Music
Never Stopped

We didn’t reinvent the battery, but we did make it better. The BTS Pro Wireless Headphones feature an advanced built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery that gives you up to 40 hours of continuous playback with 400 hours of standby time. And should you find yourself in need more more juice, your cans can go from empty to full in 90 minutes with Quick Charge.

40 Hours Playback
400 Hours Standby
90 Minutes
Fast Charging

Check The Differences


While most Bluetooth and other wireless headphones make big claims, none can live up to the fit, design, sound and technical advances of the BTS Pro.

  • Wireless Range
  • Battery Life
  • Bluetooth
  • Audio Processing
  • Mobile App
    with True EQ™
  • Find My
  • Last Location
  • Warranty
  • Most Sports Earbuds
    Most Sports
  • 35 Feet
  • 6 Hours
  • 4.0
  • 12-Months
  • “True Wireless” Earbuds
    “True Wireless”
  • 15 Feet
  • 3 Hours
  • 4.0
  • 12-Months
  • Neckband Style Earbuds
    Neckband Style
  • 33 Feet
  • 8 Hours
  • 4.0
  • 12-Months

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