Why is my BTS Pro not pairing?

There are a few reasons why your BTS Pro might not be pairing:

  1. You might already be paired and are forcing a re-pair.
  2. Your smartphone, tablet or PC’s Bluetooth radio might be off (please turn it on).
  3. Your BTS Pro might be out of range with the device you are trying to pair.
  4. You might have an active Bluetooth connection to another headphone (disconnect it).

Once you pair with a device, you don’t need to pair with it again.

I am having connection issues, what do I do?

There are a few reasons why you might be experiencing connection issues or interference:

  1. You are out of range1
  2. You are using a thick, protective case with your smartphone that blocks and significantly degrades the Bluetooth radio signal2
  3. You have an older smartphone that uses an older Bluetooth standard
  4. You are running an operating system version with known Bluetooth issues - please make sure you are running the latest operating system provided by your device manufacturer.
  5. You need to reset your Bluetooth Cache (for Android users) or simply restart your device (for iPhone and iPad users).

1. The BTS Pro has undergone extensive testing to reach 100+ feet of range with the latest smartphones, tablets and PC’s - however, some older devices simply cannot support such a high-bandwidth Bluetooth connection due to their software, radio location and/or radio technology. Please contact us at [email protected] if you run into connection issues.

2. Thick, protective carrying cases have been shown to reduce Bluetooth radio signals by up to 70% in some cases. While we understand the need to protect your devices, please note that using such hard cases will significantly degrade the performance of your headphones and other Bluetooth devices.

My BTS Pro is not turning on - help!

There are few reasons why your BTS Pro might not be turning on:

  1. Your battery is drained, please charge your headphones.
  2. You are not using a compatible USB cable for charging and your headphones are not charging properly - please use only the provided 66 Audio USB Type-C cable for charging.
  3. Your headphones have entered a battery drain state - please plug your headphones into a USB wall outlet for at least 4-hours until the LED light illuminates green.

If your BTS Pro is still not turning on after attempting to charge and power-cycle the headphones, please contact us at [email protected] to open a case.

How do I know when my BTS Pro is fully charged?

When charging via USB, the orange LED will remain lit to indicate active charging. When the LED turns green, your BTS Pro is fully charged.

When using Spotify, my audio sounds distorted. How do I fix this?

Spotify uses a software based EQ system that adversely alters the frequency of your headphones. Please do not use the Spotify EQ system and keep it at its default setting. To change your BTS Pro's EQ, use the hardware-based EQ available via the MotionControl app or simply enjoy the great sound of the BTS Pro as shipped.

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