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How do I download and install the MotionControl app for iOS?

To download the MotionControl app for iOS please launch the App Store and search for “MotionControl” or simply click the button below.

Available on the App Store

How do I download and install the MotionControl app for Apple Watch OS?

Once you have downloaded and installed the MotionControl app on your iOS device, please do the following to install the Apple Watch companion app:

  1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and tap the My Watch tab.
  2. Scroll to the app that you want to sync (MotionControl), then tap it.
  3. Turn on Show App on Apple Watch.

How do I download and install the MotionControl app for Android?

To download the MotionControl app for Android please launch the Google Play and search for “MotionControl” or simply click the button below.

Get it on Google Play

How do I connect my BTS Pro to the MotionControl app?

Your BTS Pro must be paired to your iPhone or iPad before you can connect the headphones to MotionControl. If are you connected, simply tap the “connect” button on the MotionControl dashboard to connect the BTS Pro.

If you haven’t connected your BTS Pro to your iPhone or iPad, please pair your headphones using the steps outlined above in Initial Pairing and Setup.

How do I use the real-time EQ feature in MotionControl?

Real-time EQ is a unique and innovative feature built directly into the BTS Pro and enabled by the MotionControl app. Audio is adjusted in real-time based on your custom adjustable frequency pattern or by selecting one of our studio-refined presets. Once you have made your EQ adjustments, the settings are stored directly on your headphones - you do not need to open the MotionControl app to enjoy your custom profile1.

1 You must have audio playing in order to adjust the real-time EQ in MotionControl

I've setup my custom EQ, do I need the app to hear it each time I listen to music?

No, once you adjust and set your EQ, the magic happens in real-time. MotionControl communicates with your BTS Pro during music playback and burns the EQ settings directly into device memory. Set it and forget!

Note: If you'd like to change your EQ settings, simply open the MotionControl app again to adjust them.

Why is MotionControl not connecting to my BTS Pro?

There is a known iOS system bug that prevents MotionControl from automatically re-connecting to your BTS Pro on some iOS devices after you have disconnected and then re-connected your headphones. This issue has been fixed in recent iOS updates and recent BTS Pro Firmware updates.

To fix this issue, simply restart the MotionControl app by double-tapping the home screen and swiping the app up to manually close it. Then, launch MotionControl and your headphones will connect!

If this fails, make sure your headphones are connected to your iOS device and press the "+" (volume plus) key on the headphones for 3-5 seconds. MotionControl will then prompt you to Pair.

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