PRO Voice

General Questions

How does Alexa work with PRO Voice?

PRO Voice is built with Amazon Alexa and our ActiveVoice™ Recognition technology. To use Amazon Alexa, simply say “Alexa” during standby mode or while music is playing from various sources (Pandora, Amazon Music, Apple Music). You must have the MotionControl app for iOS or Android installed and a valid account in order to use the Alexa service.

What devices are compatible with the PRO Voice?

PRO Voice is compatible with nearly all Bluetooth-enabled smart devices, including the most popular smartphones, tablets, PCs and Mac computers. As long as your device supports Bluetooth wireless with A2DP, you’re good to go!

Can I disable the Alexa microphone on PRO Voice?

Of course! PRO Voice never transmits any audio over the cloud until the “Alexa” keyword is said. We value your privacy and have built a microphone muting function within the MotionControl app. Simply slide the Alexa Service toggle to “Off” to disable the voice recognition capabilities.

Do I need MotionControl to use PRO Voice?

Yes. In order to use Amazon Alexa and other innovative features such as Find My Headphones, Last Locations, TrueEQ and more, the free MotionControl app for iOS and Android is required.

Where can I download MotionControl?

MotionControl is available for iOS and Android from the store links below:

Available on the App Store Get it on Google Play

How do I pair PRO Voice with my smart device?

Pairing PRO Voice is simple.

  1. Turn on your PRO Voice, it will automatically enter pair mode.
  2. On your smart device, browse to Settings > Bluetooth (ensure Bluetooth is on)
  3. Tap the “PRO Voice” item in the list - done!

Can PRO Voice receive phone calls?

Yes, PRO Voice can make a receive phone calls using a built-in noise cancelling microphone.

What do the buttons on PRO Voice do?

The built-in controls on PRO Voice enable you to skip tracks, fast forward and rewind through tracks, adjust volume, receive and drop phone calls and even initiate Alexa if you’re in a loud environment.

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