If it weren’t for their great sound, you may forget you’ve actually got something on your head.

Built using lightweight, durable materials, the Revolution Bluetooth Wireless Headphones are made to aid you in your pursuits, no matter how far-reaching. And with a soft-rubber matte textured finish, they maintain a premium feel that’s tough to put down.

Adjusted to You

After thorough research, we engineered the Revolution with a breakthrough patented ear cup mechanism that allows for a natural extension and perfect fit - everytime - without ever breaking the elegant design.

Run, walk, cycle, board, skate, ski, whatever, wherever, however — they’re made to help you tackle your most formidable challenges while retaining their harmonious structure and rigidity.

Fit to Form

With a foldable design, you can toss them in your go bag when you’re ready to hit the road.

Made of a high-grade aluminum alloy, the interlocking frame of the Revolution enables you to quickly fold the headphones for storage. This durable mechanism results in a perfectly aligned structural hinge that's less than half a millimeter when extended.

Touch and Go

Play. Pause. Skip. Volume. Pause.

Whether you’re pairing your Bluetooth cans with your favorite mobile audio device, selecting a song, or picking up an incoming call, the Revolution headphones make accessing controls as easy as scratching your head. Featuring an echo noise-cancelling on-board microphone, you can easily close a deal while crushing whatever goal you’re after.

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