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Those who live a Hi-Fi life
deserve Hi-Fi sound.

More powerful than conventional drivers—and bigger than most of its contemporaries—the Revolution feature large, rare earth 40mm Neodymium NdFeB drivers.

So what’s all that geek speak mean? Resounding bass and studio-quality vocal projections with total harmonic distortion below < 1%. You’ll hear your favorite jams as if the artists are right there playing a live set alongside you. And if we could make that happen, too, we totally would.

Sound Engine

Your music. Alive.

We call it our 66 Sound Engine. And it’s a beast. Its meticulously tuned EQ delivers a full frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz—that’s as low and high as the human ear can hear. Using advanced pre-equalization, the Revolution filters and optimizes your audio to avoid peak saturation and distortion.

What’s this all mean? A big room sound designed for your ears - you’ll hear crisp highs, perfect mids and thunderous bass. It’s music the way you should expect it.

Mute the World
Around You

Better Sound, Straight Up

Most so-called “noise-cancelling” headphones use technology that take away from the sound. They even pass it off as a trade off. Ha! We say “nay nay.” Using a built-in microphone and a separate, advanced ANC silicon chip, the Revolution Bluetooth headphones actually listens to ambient noise as a way of silencing it - in real time.

So what does this do for you? Better sound, straight up. Even when active noise cancelling is turned on, you’ll experience breathtaking sound in noisy environments like gyms, planes, trains and offices. In fact, when activated, the Revolution sounds even better!

Active Noise Cancelation Echo Cancelation
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